Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Salad Specials

Kanak Attack Burrito: Pulehu steak, garlic butter shrimp, gandule rice and fried egg with cabbage and red onions wrapped in a tortilla, served with mixed greens with a 1000 island dressing. – $18.99

Ahi poke nachos: wonton chips layered with sauteed teriyaki ahi poke, wasabi aioli, avocado, red onions, grape tomatoes and tobiko. Served with an oriental salad with a honey sesame dressing. – $18.99


Entrée Specials

Slow roasted Vinha D’ahlos marinated pork loin. Served with Gandule rice, chow mein and salad.   $19.29

Furikake crusted ahi with a kochujang butter sauce, bean sprout namul and kim chee. Served with rice, chow mein and salad. $19.99

Fish and Chips: Beer battered seabass served with garlic parmesan fries, and side of tartar sauce, and salad.- $19.99


Dessert Special  

Fresh local mango and custard chiffon cake – $7.49