Friday, March 10, 2023

Friday, March 10, 2023

HOURS OF OPERATION – Monday thru Friday, 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM


Salad Specials

Tempura style kimbap Sushi filled with teriyaki beef, vegetable namul, seasoned carrots, egg, cucumber and takuan, brushed with sesame oil, served over a bed of Romaine lettuce and served with a kochujang vinaigrette – $17.99

Deep fried sweet potato and vegetable sushi roll over Romaine with carrots, purple cabbage and red onions.  Served with a mango vinaigrette – $16.99  


Entrée Specials 

Aloha Friday Special:  Teriyaki fried chicken AND Pulehu steak, served with rice, chow mein noodles, lomi salmon and salad $18.49

Sauteed Ono topped with a soy wasabi butter sauce and cucumber namasu, served with rice, chow mein noodles and salad $18.99

Deep fried sweet and sour shrimp AND slow braised Okinawan pork combo, served with rice, chow mein noodles and salad – $18.79

Ahi poke bowl topped with furikake and a wasabi aioli – $15.99


Dessert Special

Chocolate Kahlua ganache cake bites with macadamia nut brittle – $7.29




Ahi/Quinoa/Tofu burger, Tsukemono Remoulade, Cucumbers, Pickled Onions and Lettuce – $9.29

Smoked Ahi Dip   Small – $8.89 each     Large – $17.59 each