Thursday, June 30, 2022

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Mark’s Place will be closing at 3:00 pm today for a catered event.

Salad Specials

“Fried Rice Salad” – Asian style honey sesame quinoa salad filled with fishcake, char siu pork, tamago, green beans and carrots, served with furikake tofu bites over a bed of shredded lettuce – $16.79

Peppered ahi, mahi and Hamachi bites, served with whole Romaine leaves, grape tomatoes, fresh mushrooms, pickled jalapenos and a lemon vinaigrette – $16.99 


Entrée Specials

Jon’s Palusami (Samoan style lau lau – corned beef with spinach and coconut milk), served with rice and salad – $17.49 

Blackened ahi topped with a tropical fruit relish, served with rice, chow mein and salad – $17.99

Mahi katsu with a wasabi and fuirkake chili aioli, served with rice, chow mein and salad – $17.99


Dessert Special

Mark’s famous macadamia nut chiffon cake – $6.99


Ahi/Quinoa/Tofu burger, Tsukemono Remoulade, Cucumbers, Pickled Onions and Lettuce – $8.29

Smoked Ahi Dip     Small /8 ounce – $8.39 each   or Large/16 ounces – $16.69 each