Thursday, April 28, 2022

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Salad Specials

Grilled shrimp skewers over fresh greens with celery and pickled onions, served with a Kochujang vinaigrette – $16.99

Black bean steamed fish and Wagyu beef gyoza combo over fresh greens topped with cucumber kim chee, served with a Honey sesame dressing – $16.99


Entrée Specials

Honey walnut shrimp over cake noodles, served with rice and salad – $17.49

Kalua pork and cabbage, served with rice, chow mein noodles and salad – $16.79  

Teriyaki steak stir fry served with rice, chow mein noodles and salad – $17.29


Dessert Special

Cookies and cream cake with Matcha Bavarian – $6.99



Ahi Quinoa Tofu Burger filled with tsukemono remoulade, cucumbers, pickled onions, and lettuce – $8.29

Pickled Warabi, Tomato, and Onion Salad – $6.49 (8 oz)