Specials for Aloha Friday, July 31, 2020

Specials for Aloha Friday, July 31, 2020


Roasted garlic seafood salad filled with imitation crab, shrimp and seared scallops over mixed greens, served with a citrus French dressing – $14.49 

Crispy breaded chicken breast over Omao greens, served with grape tomatoes, shredded carrots and celery, sun dried tomato buttermilk dressing – $14.29


Baked chicken served with a creamy mushroom and onion gravy – $14.79

Herb crusted ahi served with a lime vinaigrette – $16.79

Ahi Quinoa Tofu Burger with pickled onions, cucumbers, fresh greens and tsukemono remoulade$7.29



Shannon’s tiramisu – $5.79


Dinner Entrée special (available from 4:00 pm – 7:30 pm)

Slow roasted beef strip loin with au jus, served with blue crab cakes with Hollandaise sauce – $22.99


Mark’s Place Pupu Items – Pick some up for the weekend!

Smoked ahi dip – $6.00 (8 ounce)  / $12.00 (16 ounce)     House made canned tuna – $10.49 a jar

Dried ahi – regular or teriyaki – $10.00      Alan’s Sakura Boshi – $12.00

Pickled onions with ogo – $5.00            Cabbage kim chee – $5.00.       Smoked warabi namasu – $5.00

Chef Gavin’s kamaboko dip – $5.00 (8 ounce)      Kim Chee dip – $5.00       Ulu Chips – $3.79



Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have a medical condition. People with certain diseases (such as diabetes, liver disease, weakened immune systems, and cancer) should consult with a physician before eating raw seafood because their diseases or the medicine they take may put them at risk for serious illness. Eat raw seafood at your own risk.

Advisory COVID-19

We welcome you, our customers as we continue to implement preventive measures in line with the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the State of Hawaii’s Department of Health and the County of Kauai.

Health and safety protocols are in place and in some cases are being enhanced in response to the threat of COVID-19. We are happy to announce that none of our employees have traveled to high risk areas. We have asked our staff who have traveled out of state to self-quarantine for 14 days.

We have also shared specific instructions with our employees on the importance of proper hygiene and self-care and staying home if they are sick. The health and safety of our customers and employees continues to be our number one priority. We will continue to closely monitor this situation and evaluate additional measures as needed to protect you and our staff.