Monday, January 13, 2020

Monday, January 13, 2020


Sauteed salmon over mixed greens, with bell peppers, red onion and feta cheese, served with a caper vinaigrette – $13.99

Ahi katsu over sushi rice and  fresh greens, with a shiro miso aioli, pickled vegetables and a soy vinaigrette – $14.29




Shoyu chicken  – $14.49

Open faced meatloaf sandwich served with mashed potatoes and gravy – $14.29

Sauteed mahi mahi topped with a warabi and tomato namasu  – $17.29

Ahi/Quinoa burger with a Tsukemono Remoulade, Sliced Cucumbers, Pickled Onions and Lettuce – $7.59




Okinawan sweet potato haupia pie – $5.59