Thursday, September 12, 2019

Thursday, September 12, 2019


Ginger marinated grilled chicken over a bed of fresh greens, with bell peppers, bean sprouts, carrots, cucumbers and red onion, miso wafu dressing – $13.69

Seared herb crusted ahi over fresh greens, served with grape tomatoes, black beans, carrots and scallions, black bean vinaigrette – $13.99




Seared fresh ahi served with an orange macadamia nut cream sauce  – $16.69

Barbecue chicken and pork rib combo plate  – $14.99

Misoyaki black cod collars – $15.89

Ahi/Quinoa Burger with a Tsukemono Remoulade, Sliced Cucumbers, Pickled Onions and Lettuce – $7.59




Salted caramel chocolate macadamia nut banana cake – $5.59